Tax Credits and Incentives for Installing Attic Insulation in West Palm Beach

Upgrading roof insulation and other residential renewable energy products can qualify you for federal tax credits administered by the IRS. Attic insulation is one of the most important insulation investments you can make in your West Palm Beach home. Not only can it help you save money on your monthly energy bills, but you can also receive rebates from energy companies in the area to offset the cost of the new insulation. In addition to providing financial savings, attic insulation can also help keep pests away.

Old, moldy insulation can be a haven for bugs and other creatures that might want to nest in the attic. By installing strong insulation, you're creating an environment that's less inviting to pests. The average cost of attic sealing, fiberglass insulation and installation fees was just over a thousand dollars. Insulating the attic traps noise inside the house, preventing you from becoming enemies of your neighbors and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Insulation experts recommend that climate zone one has insulation no lower than R-30, while climate zone two may need insulation R-30 or higher. In fact, regardless of where you live, if you have an r-value lower than R-19, you should consider insulating your attic. Residential attic insulation is an easy way to help make your West Palm Beach home more energy efficient. You can also find information on reimbursements related to the replacement of air conditioning systems in West Palm Beach homes.

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